How it came about:

  1. We found a major problem
  2. We came up with a solution
  3. We now make it available to all

What we did:

  1. We uncovered all the elements involved
  2. We sorted out the process for each element
  3. We created APIs (programming bits) to automate each of the different actions involved
  4. We created additional APIs to connect the pieces together
  5. We created a straight-forward process allowing everything to seamlessly work together


In order to facilitate the e-payment process for the registered users, we used the infrastructures already in place. We simply connected the pieces together.


Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. Although the technology itself is exceptional, the cryptocurrency environment may be perilous, to say the least. Plagued by scams, over-rated evaluations and scrupulous individuals, the fact remains that it is getting much better and is slowly approaching mass appeal. In order to protect users and making it easier for anyone to use cryptocurrency, especially to get paid, 1KeyPay has put in place a process making the transactions involving cryptocurrency pretty much as simple as using any other type of payment, such as cash, cards, Paypal, ApplePay, AliPay, etc.

One the the key elements of the 1KeyPay process is the use of multiple offline wallets: wallets for over 800 of the most popular cryptocurrencies are created offline, with the secret keys kept in cold storage for maximum security, until needed for processing for exchange to cash (or to other cryptocurrency as an option)

Crypto-Cash Exchanges

The exchange of crypto to cash is getting easier as the demand grows internationally. There are several processors we can now pick from, depending on the country, currency and other factors.

Crypto-Crypto Exchanges

There are several crypto-exchange processors we may use when a certain cryptocurrency needs to be exchanged for another cryptocurrency